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Defective Car Parts

Defective Car Parts can cause injuries

For most Americans the car is a necessity and not a luxury. But cars can cause serious injuries to the occupants and others due to defects including:

Get the compensation you deserve

The Burnside Firm has attorneys specializing in representing those injured in car accidents. From our offices in Athens GA, we represent clients throughout Georgia. Our attorneys can get you the compensation you deserve and all applicable insurance claims if you or your family member has been injured due to seatback failure, a poorly designed child seat or poor crashworthiness. We have the expertise and skill to prove the defect and fix the liability on the manufacturer.

Let us build your case

Only an attorney with expertise and skill can prove that a defect part was the cause of the car accident that injured you or your family member. It is important that you talk to an attorney before making a statement to an insurance company or signing any settlement form. Contact us for a No Risk No Obligation free initial consultation. Call 1-800-569-1937. Don’t miss out on the compensation you rightfully deserve.

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