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Burn Injuries Lawyers - Athens Georgia

Helping Serious Burn Injury Victims

A burn injury can result from an electrical fire, explosion, chemical spill or motor vehicle accident. A burn injury can cause permanent scarring. Besides scarring, burn injuries can also result in disfigurement and loss of sensation and feeling due nerve damage. There is also the severe emotional and psychological trauma as well.

A burn injury victim may require future treatments, counseling and accommodations including:

• Numerous skin grafts to repair the damaged area
• Treatment for serious infections, which may result in amputation
• Professional counseling for depression and emotional trauma
• Rehabilitation and physical therapy
• Home accommodations
• Skilled nursing care or attendant care

A burn injury victim deserves compensation to cover both present and future needs. A burn injury victim can claim compensation from the party responsible for the injury and other sources. The personal injury lawyers at The Burnside Firm have been working for the rights of burn victims and their families. For years, from our offices in Athens GA, we have been getting burn injury victims all over Georgia the compensation they deserve and make the party responsible for the injury accountable. We investigate and identify all sources of compensation.

We have handled all types of burn injury cases including burn injuries caused by:

• Truck wrecks and other auto accidents
• Defective products that exploded
• Construction accidents involving electrocution or chemical spills
• Nursing home neglect that resulted in scalding or burns from heaters

We have an unmatched reputation in getting electrocution injury victims the compensation they deserve. Contact us for a free initial consultation. We will review your case and let you know if you are entitled to compensation. Call 1-800-569-1937.

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